How Do You Determine the Curb Weight of Automobiles?


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To determine the curb weight of an automobile, check the owner's manual, fill the required amount of fluids in the vehicle, and weigh the vehicle using car scales at a landfill or auto garage. When weighing the vehicle, avoid having accessories or cargo inside it.

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The owner's manual explains the quantities of various fluids you should add to the vehicle, including transmission fluid, brake fluid, oil, power steering fluid and antifreeze. The quantities given are those the manufacturer specifies, so fill all of the fluids according to their appropriate quantities. Completely fill the gas tank as well.

Next, have the automobile towed to a landfill or auto garage. These facilities have scales that can determine the weight of automobiles. Have the vehicle weighed at either facility without adding accessories or cargo to the vehicle, since curb weight only refers to the weight of all the components required for the automobile to function properly. These facilities weigh automobiles for a nominal fee.

Compare the curb weight with those listed on a vehicle curb weight list. Curb weights of specific automobiles are located on the Internet. Alternatively, check the owner's manual or contact the auto manufacturer to find out vehicle curb weights.

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