How Do You Determine the Cost of a Tune-Up?


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The cost of a tune-up depends on the work that is being done. As of April 2015, a tune-up or service can cost from $40 or $50 up to several hundred dollars depending on the car, the parts that are required and the labor costs.

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At the lower end of the pricing scale the work usually just involves something simple, like checking or replacing the spark plugs. Most tune-ups involve more work, however. This includes changing the oil, checking the car's diagnostic system, changing the oil filter, and replacing the air filter. It also involves checks on a number of other components including the spark plugs, wires, timing, ignition and emissions. A tune up that involves all of this work will run into several hundreds of dollars as there are parts required, plus multiple hours of labor.

The labor cost is one of the most important in putting up the price of a tune up. Most tune ups take between two and four hours. The hourly rate is typically anything from $40 an hour up to $90 an hour.

The age of the vehicle is also a factor, with older cars often costing more for a tune up. This is often because there is additional wear and tear in an older car so more work needs done.

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