What Are Some Details About the Sonny Barger Funeral?


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There are no details of Hell's Angel Sonny Barger’s funeral as he is still alive as of November 2015. As a founder and former chapter president, it is safe to assume that his funeral is sure to draw friends from around the world and be conducted in accordance with his stature within the organization. Barger is the former president of the Oakland, California Chapter of the Hell’s Angel’s motorcycle club, which he helped found in 1957.

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Barger was one of the Hell’s Angels members hired to provide security at the Rolling Stone’s free concert at the Altamont Speedway in 1969, at which one man was fatally stabbed. The biker gang has been depicted for years as being responsible for the melee that led to the stabbing and for failing to restrain themselves once violence broke out. Barger appeared in the 1970 film of the event, “Gimme Shelter.”

Barger has also appeared in “Hell’s Angels on Wheels” in 1967, “Hell’s Angel’s 69” in 1969 and Hell’s Angels Forever” in 1983 and has made several television appearances on the FX series “Sons of Anarchy.” Barger and several others, including his wife, were arrested in 1979 on drug-related racketeering charges. Physicians diagnosed Barger with throat cancer in 1983, and he underwent a successful laryngectomy and has since learned to vocalize using his throat muscles.

Barger was arrested again in 1988 for conspiring to blow up the clubhouse of a rival biker gang, the Outlaws, and served four years in federal prison. He relocated to Arizona after his release and is still active in Hell’s Angels events.

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