What Are Some Details About the 6620 John Deer Combine?


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The John Deere 6620 combine was introduced in 2001. Its 6-cylinder diesel engine featured 125 hp, or 93 kW, of power and a governed rpm of 2300. Its power take-off rpm was clocked at 540/1000. The 6620 also boasted a lift capacity of 16,360 pounds while only weighing 11,532 pounds. Before its discontinuation in 2006, it was considered one of the most reliable and functional combines on the market.

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Combines are machines used to harvest grain. As a farmer guides it through a wheat field, crops are pushed down and cut by its blades. The cuttings are collected and placed on a conveyor belt inside the combine, where a threshing drum shakes the cuttings to free the grain and send it into a tank below. The conveyor belt moves the unused straw through the combine and onto the field. When the grain tank is full, it is unloaded into a truck or trailer through a side chute.

John Deere began in 1837 as a company specializing in small tools, shovels and pitchforks. The business revolutionized farming later that same year when its founder made a saw blade into a plow. The company has grown from a small, made to order business into a worldwide conglomerate that is considered the cornerstone of the agricultural business.

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