How Do You Design a Custom Car Cover?


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Design a custom car cover by selecting the fabric, color and purpose; completing a dimension sheet; taking photographs of the vehicle and submitting these to a car cover manufacturer such as Covercraft or Car Cover World. The dimension sheet provides specific instructions for properly measuring the vehicle's standard shape, as well as any aftermarket components that may exist. This data is compiled into a 3-D computer-assisted design system that generates a model used to produce the car cover.

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The typical production time for a custom car cover once the project is funded is 10 to 15 business days. As of 2016, Covercraft maintains a database of more than 80,000 patterns that are used in the design process. If the necessary pattern is not found, or if the vehicle has special features, the required dimension sheet is downloaded from the company's website, Covercraft.com.

Coverking specializes in creating custom car covers with the fewest number of seams possible, claiming that additional seams increase the likelihood of product failure and leakage. Coverking features eight materials and dozens of color options to choose from when designing a custom cover. Outdoor covers feature wax-coated threads and overlapped, double needle-sewn seams. The company's website, Coverking.com, provides comparisons of the fabric options it offers, weighing qualities such as the resistance to UV, water damage, mildew and light weather conditions against each other.

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