How Do You Design a Custom Automotive Interior?

How Do You Design a Custom Automotive Interior?

Automotive interiors are created through a design process that incorporates measuring the cabin of the car, cutting and shaping the pieces and laying their fabric. Custom car interiors can incorporate other steps, such as adding extra trim pieces.

The process of creating automobile interiors varies by the builder, but follows similar steps. Interior panels follow a similar design to the outside of the vehicle. The following instructions explain how car interiors are made.

  1. Measure the interior
  2. The interior is measured and the pieces are drawn on the material which will be cut to create each panel.

  3. Cut the panels
  4. Each panel is carefully cut and edges are all smoothed out.

  5. Shape the curved panels
  6. Custom vehicles will require a special material to shape the curved panels. Fiberglass tape allows a user to shape and seal the interior panels of a cabin. After laying the tape, a layer of fiberglass will be applied.

  7. Lay the foam layer
  8. A foam layer is glued in place using an adhesive spray. The foam should cover every panel.

  9. Lay on the fabric panels
  10. The fabric panels are fabricated using backer board, foam and linen. The panels are then mounted onto each of the interior walls.

  11. Install the seats
  12. Once the panels are in, install the seats.