How Do You Decode Casting Numbers?


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To decode casting numbers, go to CastingNumbers.info, select the manufacturer of the vehicle, the category into which the detail falls and its type. The website presents you with a list of casting numbers, as well as the years when parts with these numbers were manufactured and details about each part that has a particular casting number. You can also type the casting number directly into the search bar.

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As of 2016, there are casting numbers for Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, Jeep and some other vehicles available on CastingNumbers.info. Out In The Shop also allows users to decode casting numbers. For example, the website has a list of Chevrolet block casting numbers and casting numbers of other parts. There is also a search button that opens a new window where you can enter the casting number to decode.

ClassicMustang.com has a guide on how to decode parts and casting numbers of parts manufactured by Ford. The guide includes information on how to find the year when a part was manufactured, which car line uses it and to which engineering department the part belongs. There are also tables that include the meaning of each number and letter in the code. Chevellestuff allows users to decode casting numbers of some parts, such as water pumps, exhaust manifolds, intake manifolds and others.

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