How Do You Decipher Chevrolet Engine Codes?


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The first letter of a Chevrolet engine code represents the plant in which it was assembled. The next four digits are the month and day of the assembly date in numeric format. The final letters correspond to a vehicle type. Websites such as Nasty Z28 and Chevelle Stuff offer tables to help car owners look up their suffix codes.

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For example, the code “V0301CMF” indicates that the engine was assembled on March 1 in the Flint, Michigan, plant. If this code is located on a vehicle manufactured in 1975, the CMF suffix corresponds to a four-speed Monte Carlo engine with 155 horsepower. Chevrolet has repeated some of its suffix codes in the past. Car owners who find more than one listing for their code in the suffix database should also look up the years their car was on the market and use these dates to narrow down the correct vehicle.

The location of the code imprint depends on the type of engine. Big-block engine codes are above the timing chain cover or on a machined pad on the passenger side of the engine. Small-block engine codes may be hidden behind the alternator. Six-cylinder engine codes are typically printed on the passenger side of the block under the distributor.

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