How Do You Decide Which Used Truck to Buy?


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Mileage, previous use, mechanical history and intended use should dictate the choice of a used truck, claims CarsDirect. Used trucks can be as reliable as their new counterparts, as long as the buyer chooses the right truck for the task.

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How Do You Decide Which Used Truck to Buy?
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Low mileage does not necessarily mean that a truck serves better than one with a high mileage, states AutoTrader. With all things remaining constant, low mileage can signify components that serve longer and better, helping keep maintenance costs down. AutoTrader stresses the importance of low mileage when it comes to reselling the truck. If the truck has a low mileage several years down the road, it is possible to sell it off at the same price or profit.

The use of the truck by the previous owner dictates its quality, explains CarsDirect. If the previous owner used the truck frequently for heavy towing, then the truck may not serve as well as expected. One sign that shows extended use is peeling paint on the back of the truck.

The mechanical history of the truck shows the repair works the truck has undergone, declares Methodspace. This history gives information about past accidents as well. These pieces of information are vital towards determining the condition of the truck.

Resist the urge to buy more than what you need in a truck, advises ConsumerReports. Having unnecessary cargo and towing capacity means more fuel consumption. If the task at hand is moving tools, equipment or bulky furniture, choose a truck with an open cargo bed.

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