What Are Some Dealers That Sell Volvo Trucks for Heavy Hauling?

Some dealers that sell Volvo trucks for heavy hauling include Vanguard Trucks and Mountain West Trucks. Additionally, individuals can visit CommercialTruckTrader.com and TruckertoTrucker.com to find a variety of secondhand Volvo trucks for sale.

Before purchasing a truck, consider the cab design and the necessary load capacity. There are three primary cab styles for a truck: regular cabs, extended cabs and crew cabs. Regular cabs are outfitted with two doors, while extended cans have additional storage space inside, with enough space to seat three passengers. Crew cabs are the largest cabs, and they feature enough room to seat five or six passengers comfortably.

Plan ahead for safety equipment as well, as most trucks come with basic safety equipment like side and front airbags and stability control systems. Some trucks come with additional safety equipment, such as rearview cameras, though asking ahead of time guarantees the purchase. If the vehicle does not feature such equipment, drivers can choose to install it at a later date.

Heavy-duty trucks are able to haul as much as several tons with the appropriate connection equipment. Axle ratios play an important part in determining the vehicle's towing ability, as well as its fuel economy during lengthy drives and transports.