What Dealers Sell Dexos1 Synthetic Blend Oil?


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A large number of retailers, auto dealers and car maintenance shops carry Dexos1-compliant motor oils, including Walmart, Oil Can Henry's and ACDelco. All General Motors gasoline-engine vehicles built after 2011 require the use of Dexos1-certified synthetic or synthetic-blend oils to maintain warranty coverage, so all Chevrolet new-car dealers that offer service also carry Dexos1-compliant motor oils.

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The Dexos1 oil standard was designed by General Motors for use on all of its gasoline-engined cars, SUVs and trucks built after 2011, while the similar Dexos2 standard applies to diesel vehicles. However, GM does not manufacture the bulk of Dexos-compliant motor oils. Instead, GM licenses the Dexos1 trademark to other lubricant manufacturers for use on their compliant motor oil products. Therefore, a large number of oil companies manufacture Dexos1 motor oils to service new GM vehicles that require this type of motor oil. The oils are available from several brands, including Shell, Castrol and Pennzoil.

The Dexos1 standard contains very stringent technical requirements that conventional motor oils cannot meet. Therefore, all Dexos1-compliant oils are at least partially synthetic, with many manufacturers producing full-synthetic versions instead of, or in addition to, blended motor oils. The need for synthetic oil as at least a partial component of Dexos1 motor oils tends to make these oils more expensive than the motor oils used in most older GM vehicles.

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