How Do You Deactivate a Car Alarm System?

To deactivate a car alarm system, turn the system off when the alarm starts to sound or to prevent the alarm system from sounding. To do the former, unlock the car, and to do the latter, remove the fuse of the alarm system.

To unlock the car, press "Unlock" on the remote control of the vehicle. Alternatively, unlock the car door by inserting the car's keys into the door lock on the driver's side. This should reset the car alarm. If the alarm sounds when the car door is unlocked, turn the vehicle's ignition on with the key. This should deactivate the alarm once the car recognizes the key.

To remove the fuse of the car alarm system, first locate the fuse box that controls the alarm in the vehicle. To do this, go through the "Fuse" section in the user manual for the vehicle. This manual should provide a diagram or a photograph that indicates the location of the fuse box in the vehicle. Usually, the fuse box is present beneath the hood of the vehicle.

To remove the fuse, use a pair of pliers as some of them are quite difficult to detach. Once the fuse is removed, the car alarm system remains deactivated until it is replaced.