What Day of the Week Is Best for Buying a New Car?


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The best day of the week for buying a new car is widely contested.USAA says it is better to buy early in the week,since it affords the opportunity to get the "full attention" of a salesperson. Time magazine arguesthat thebest day of the week to buy varies widely, although one option is that Sunday is best because prices appear to be more than$1,000 below average.

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What Day of the Week Is Best for Buying a New Car?
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When purchasing a new car, Kelley Blue Book says to buy on the last day of the month, regardless of the day of the week. This is when they say that "dealers will have monthly sales quotas" that they need to meet, and they will be more eager to make a sale at a lower price. For similar reasons, they recommend buying at the end of the year, when yearly sales quotas need tobe met. December, according to Edmunds, is the best month to buy a new car.

TrueCar agreed with USAA that overall, weekdays are better for new car buying than weekends. With fewer people on the lot, the car dealer is more willing to make a deal in favor of the individual buyer. They also indicated that Easter Sunday is the worst day of the year to buy a new car at a good price.

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