What Are the Dangers of Using a Polaris ATV?


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Riding a Polaris ATV puts the rider at risk of potential injury or death from accidents, especially if the vehicle flips over or pins the rider under its weight. Studies indicate that four-wheeled ATVs such as those made by Polaris are more dangerous than two-wheeled motorcycles in off-road driving.

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A study by Johns Hopkins researchers found that riders of Polaris ATVs and similar four-wheeled recreational vehicles were up to 50 percent more likely to die in an accident than those riding two-wheeled dirt bikes. Riders of ATVs were also 62 percent more likely to be admitted to an intensive care unit after an accident than bike riders. It is not clear why these discrepancies occur, but the researchers behind them speculated that differences in the use of helmets and other protective gear between bike and ATV riders are partially responsible. For example, only 30 percent of ATV riders wear helmets, while twice as many bike riders do.

Another factor that may influence the higher fatality and serious injury rate of ATV accidents is the weight of the vehicles. ATVs are generally heavier than comparable two-wheel bikes and may be more likely to cause serious injury to internal organs or extremities in a crash.

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