What Are the Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle?


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Some of the dangers of riding a motorcycle include collisions with oncoming traffic, collisions with cars waiting to turn, panic stops and uneasy roads. Other dangers include excess speed on corners, open car doors in urban environments and inclement weather.

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Motorcyclists are at greater danger from accidents with oncoming traffic than car drivers are. Inattentive drivers do not need to collide completely with a motorcyclist to cause injury, even being slightly clipped is enough to toss a rider off a motorcycle. In intersections, motorcyclists have an increased risk of injury due to drivers making left turns carelessly.

Whenever a motorcyclist slams on the brakes to perform a panic stop, there is a risk of losing control. The front brake provides 70 percent of the motorcycle's stopping power, which means that it can lock up, causing the motorcycle to fishtail. ABS braking systems mitigate this problem in modern motorcycles.

Poor road conditions are a danger to motorcyclists since the motorcycle can only function safely when both wheels have a powerful grip on the road. Gravel, water and other obstacles can eliminate this grip, making it much easier to lose control of the vehicle, especially when combined with high speed and corners. In cities, parked cars located on the side of the road may open their car doors unexpectedly as a motorcyclist tries to pass, damaging the car and injuring the motorcyclist.

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