What Are Some Dangers of Purchasing a Used Mercury Marauder?

The 2003 and 2004 Mercury Marauder have problems with engine misfiring and issues with the anti-lock brake system. 2003 through 2005 Mercury Marauder vehicles may have an unfixed recall issue, which involves a faulty fuel filter that may result in fuel spillage and a potential fire.

To ensure that a Mercury Marauder doesn't have an unresolved recall issue, find the vehicle identification number and input it into the VIN search tool offered through safercar.gov. This tool searches safety recalls over the past 15 years and reports whether the vehicle was repaired as part of a safety recall.

To avoid buying a vehicle with mechanical problems, ask the seller for the service records for the car. A vehicle requires regular maintenance, and a vehicle without consistent service records should be closely inspected before purchasing.

Inspect the vehicle as much as possible, checking the exterior and interior for signs of damage. Open the hood of the car, and check that the engine oil is black or dark brown or is a honey color if the oil was just changed. After personally inspecting the vehicle, take the car to an independent mechanic for a much more thorough inspection, which can reveal current or potential issues.