Where Are Some Daihatsu Vehicle Dealers Located?


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Daihatsu Motors ceased selling vehicles in the American market in 1992 and has no car dealerships in the United States as of 2015. However, some of the models sold by Toyota and Toyota's Scion brand in America are manufactured by Daihatsu.

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Despite being Japan's oldest existing manufacturer of motor vehicles, Daihatsu only entered the United States automobile market in 1987. Its vehicles were never as popular as imports from competing brands such as Toyota and Honda, leading to the company's withdrawal from the market in 1992. Estimates place the total sales across all Daihatsu models in the United States as approximately 50,000 units during the entire time of Daihatsu's operations in the country. Daihatsu executives cited the 1991 recession and prohibitive advertising costs as other reasons for the company's withdrawal. Executives claimed the similarity of the Daihatsu name with Hyundai caused problems for Daihatsu sales, since many of the Hyundai models were sold at the same time as Daihatsu vehicles.

Toyota Motor Corporation took over distribution of many of Daihatsu's vehicles in America after Daihatsu ceased importing vehicles. These vehicles were often re-branded as Toyota vehicles or as Scions after 2002. A notable example of a Daihatsu-made car sold as a Scion is the second-generation Scion xB mini-wagon.

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