What does CV joint noise indicate?


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CV joint noise indicates that there has likely been a failure of the protective boot that surrounds the CV joint, according to All About Automotive. Moisture, dirt and debris enter the joint resulting in wear and tear that may cause noise.

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Samarins.com describes a constant velocity joint as a joint that connects a vehicle’s drive shaft to the transmission and wheels. It transfers torque and power from the transmission to the wheels at a constant velocity, while allowing for the suspension to move freely up and down. CV joints are surrounded by a protective boot and filled with grease. If the boot becomes cracked, grease can leak out, and dirt, debris and moisture can get in causing wear on the joint, according to All About Automotive. Samarins.com notes that if caught early enough, a simple replacement of the boot and grease fixes the problem. If the CV joint is worn out, it needs to be replaced.

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