How Do You Cut Coil Springs to Lower a Vehicle 2 Inches?

Cutting coil springs down to a desired height requires measuring, trimming and mounting the coils to the vehicle until it is received. Although inexpensive, cutting coils springs can only be done on tangential-type springs. If done on square or pigtail springs, the coil will fail and need to be replaced.

If the vehicle has tangential type springs, use the following instructions to cut springs to a desired height.

  1. Remove them from the vehicle
  2. Safely raise the car and secure it using jack-stands. Remove the wheel and shock assembly from the car. Do so to each side of the car.

  3. Check the coil type
  4. Ensure the coil springs are tangential and not square or pigtail type.

  5. Measure the coil
  6. Use measuring tape to measure and mark the length that will be cut. Start off cutting the spring half an inch at a time. Repeat on the other three spring coils.

  7. Reinstall the springs
  8. Install the springs and take the car for a test drive. Allow them to seat onto the shocks, then stop the vehicle and inspect the ride height. If the vehicle is still too high, continue to cut off the length of the coil until the desired height is achieved.

Cutting springs is an inexpensive way to lower a vehicle, but it will not have the same capabilities as a professional lowering kit. For more aggressive environments, it is advised to install a lowering kit as opposed to cutting standard spring coils.