How Do You Get Customized Car Registration Plates Online?


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Customized license plates are only available through the Department of Motor Vehicles, and they are subject to approval. Some states allow users to order customized plates online, while others require orders to come via mail, fax or in person.

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All states offer the option to customize the registration number on a license plate. The restrictions and fees vary by state. For instance, as of 2015, New York did not allow drivers to have plates that mimic law enforcement, were considered obscene, contained only numbers, or that use the letter I at the beginning or end of the series. Drivers also could not use the letter O as a number or the number zero as an O.

States such as New York and Colorado allow users to order their personalized plates online. States such as Pennsylvania and Nevada do not. The centralized DMV database has information for every state, including whether online purchases are possible.

In addition to personalized registration numbers, drivers can further customize their license plate by choosing different plate designs. All states offer different plate models for an additional fee. These models are often related to sites within the state, sports teams, colleges, causes, professions, organizations and military status. Colorado also offers pioneer plates for people whose grandparents resided in the state.

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