How Do You Customize a Vehicle Log Book Template?


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Begin customizing a vehicle log book template by deciding its specific purpose; for example, you may use the log book to record the vehicle's fuel consumption or simply to record mileage. Utilize a vehicle log template, such as the ones offered by wordexceltemplates.com and freespreadsheet.net, that uses Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet program. This way, the necessary mileage calculations are already loaded into the spreadsheet for you.

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Find a vehicle log template that suits your needs. If you are a commercial truck driver, you may want to find a template that includes gas mileage, or you can find a basic mileage log template and add your own column to record fuel purchases and consumption. These templates are also helpful for rental car agencies to record each vehicle's odometer readings for billing purposes and to record data for future planning.

Download a template for a simple log book from either wordexceltemplates.com or freespreadsheet.net, and open it in a compatible spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel. These templates each come loaded with pre-labeled column headings. You can change the wording of each heading to suit your needs, but remember that certain columns are pre-loaded with calculation functions. For example, a template may have columns to enter odometer readings before and after a vehicle is used, with a third column formatted to automatically calculate the miles accumulated on each trip. Customize these columns to represent miles or kilometers by clicking on the headings and typing the preferred unit of measurement.

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