How Do You Customize Your Vehicle?


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Some ways to customize a vehicle include upgrading the sound system, installing video screens, adding new lighting and getting a custom paint job or applying decals to the exterior. Other ways a person could customize a vehicle include getting personalized license plates, having the windows tinted and getting new rims.

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How Do You Customize Your Vehicle?
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Installing an upgraded stereo and speakers is a popular way to customize a vehicle, while adding a DVD player and headrest screens makes a vehicle into a moving home theater for rear-seat passengers. Lighting upgrade packages are available for the interior and exterior. Custom lighting can be practical, as in the case of off-road lights for SUVs, or it can be solely aesthetic, like a color-changing underglow kit.

One dramatic way to customize a vehicle is to get a paint job that isn't available from the factory. A customized look can also be achieved through the creative use of decals, which can be bought pre-made or even custom-designed by an artist. Personalized plates can be ordered through the local motor vehicle division. Window tinting is an inexpensive customization and there are several varieties of rims and wheels available to help add a unique look to any vehicle.

Some other customizations include performance-enhancing upgrades, suspension lifts and body add-ons like spoilers.

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