How Do You Customize a Truck License Plate?


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Since license plates are governed by the government, all customization must be done through the Department of Motor Vehicles, either online or in person. Users can choose a special plate design and decide what numbers and letters they want to have printed on the license plate. Extra fees are charged.

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Users can choose the preferred term length, which corresponds with the yearly fees for a specific plate. After picking the preferred theme, the next step is to determine the preferred plate ID. If an ID is not available, the Department of Motor Vehicles can suggest an alternate spelling. It is possible to use numbers and letters in an ID, as well as special symbols that correspond to the state in which the plate is being made.

Prices vary based on the selected term length, with terms typically ranging from 1 year to 5 years. Prices for each term length vary from state to state. After the term period is over, users who wish to renew the plate must again pay the fees for a customized plate.

Many different themes are available for purchase, including university and college plates, military plates and organization-themed plates. Plates vary in price, depending on the design selected. Prices can also vary depending on the type of vehicle for which the plate is being made.

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