How Do You Customize Your Own Car?

How Do You Customize Your Own Car?

Customizing a car can be done by installing aftermarket body kits, engine upgrades and changing the interior. The majority of a vehicle, besides its chassis, can be customized to fit the individual needs of the driver. Some of the more simpler custom installations include body kits, wheels and aftermarket radios.

Body kits replace existing body panels on a car. Front bumpers, for example, may have special vents called splitters which are used in racing cars to provide more down-force, while street vehicles use it for looks. Other body kits include adding additional lips to the bottom of the vehicle.

Installing engine bolt-ons is another simple way to customize a vehicle. Bolt-ons include a cold air intake or exhaust headers, and are upgrades that can be easily installed onto an engine.

Interior upgrades include racing seats, which allow a driver to sit in a more upright position. The seats generally offer more support for the driver.

To actually install the parts onto a vehicle, use the following instructions.

  1. Purchase the parts
  2. Source out and purchase the parts wanted for the vehicle.

  3. Install the parts
  4. Some custom jobs may require a professional in order to install the parts. However, for body kits, the bumpers will have to be removed and replaced with the new piece. Bolt-ons require a similar process, and require the old part to be replaced; so does the seat.

  5. Test drive the vehicle
  6. After the parts are installed, test drive the vehicle and make sure it is safe for the road.