How Do You Customize a Harley-Davidson Sportster?


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Customize a Harley-Davidson Sportster by working with a certified mechanic or Harley-Davidson Dealer to install modified seats for the motorcycle, footpegs, floorboards and highway bars or chrome accessories. Common accessories to customize a Sportster include V-design mirrors, a horn kit, fork tube covers and choke knob covers.

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Harley-Davidson Sportsters can also be customized by installing a customized, tinted windshield, attaching a saddlebag to the bike and adding bars and grips. Cup holders, straps for storage and cell phone holders are also popular items for customizing a motorcycle. Performance parts to customize a Harley-Davidson include a big air filter cover, a hypercharger, autotuner, a closed loop, an EFI performance module and a stainless steel exhaust pipe. A single cable whiskey throttle is also an option to customize the bike.

Some motorcycle enthusiasts choose to customize their Harley-Davidson Sportsters with patches or memorabilia displayed on the body of the bike. Paint colors for the exterior of the bike can be customized to represent an affiliation with a motorcycle club, a special charitable cause or even a company logo or name of the bike. Bikers also choose to customize Sportsters with additional chrome parts that are visually appealing during the day or in the evening.

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