How Do Customers Know When Car Lots Have Sales?


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Car dealerships typically advertise price-reduction or other sales to customers via broad categories of media such as electronic, paper and physical forms. Dealerships create sales events in order to attract more customers and secure higher-than-average sales by special incentives.

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Automobile dealerships advertise electronically in three methods: radio, television and Internet. The advantage of advertising to customers in the first two methods is that they typically reach a local or regional target market that is more likely to shop at a dealership than a national or international audience. Targeting a local or regional market via the Internet utilizes social media platforms and a dealership website. Increasing search engine optimization results in having a specific dealership reach the top of a search engine list.

Paper forms of car dealership advertising include newspaper, magazine and flier ads. Newspapers and fliers are more likely to reach a targeted local market than magazines, given the frequency of released issues. Fliers, also distributed as direct mailings, are sent to the homes of targeted consumers. As newspapers transition to an Internet-based format, they often also transition advertising to the newspaper website.

Achieving physical forms of advertising involves billboards, stickers, and even vehicle decals or mobile ads. Placing a sticker on a dealership-owned vehicle that is driven throughout a target market area is a low-cost method of alerting customers to upcoming deals and sales.

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