How Do Custom Truck Wheels Affect the Resale Value of a Truck?


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Custom truck wheels usually add more value to the vehicle, and people also choose this addition to add better performance and handling. Custom wheels are popular and easy to install, but there are some caveats to installation.

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Though most custom truck wheels add value to a vehicle, owners should keep in mind that just because they like the new wheels, and the previous owner may like the custom wheels, that does not mean that a future owner may like them. A good rule of thumb is to keep custom wheels off luxury or high-end trucks, or classic models, as buyers want these to have original parts. Also, some custom wheels are very thin, and this could cause ride quality to become poor.

Owners must ensure that the truck has tires that are the right size, too, or the truck may lose value. Custom wheels that are not the correct size may have a negative impact on the way the vehicle handles and may hurt the transmission. This could cause transmission failure, which can cost thousands of dollars in repair costs. Also, heavy or large rims may cause the engine to work harder, which could slow acceleration and lower fuel economy. These heavy, large wheels may also put a lot of stress on other vehicle components, such as the wheel bearings.

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