How Do You Get Custom Car Paint Colors?


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Obtain custom pain colors through websites such as CarizzmaColor.com, PlanetColor.com, TheCoatingStore.com and AutoColorLibrary.com, as of 2015. Some companies sell custom auto body colors directly through an online store, while others only sell the paint via licensed distributors and auto body shops that are capable of applying the paint professionally.

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CarizzmaColor.com contains information about the Carizzma line of custom auto body paint from R-M. The company allows customers to specify the exact nature of the paint's tone and finish, thus allowing for a wide range of customization options. Its site includes two tools to help find nearby locations at which to purchase the paint, separating distributors and body shops.

PlanetColor.com also sells its custom auto paints through retailers, offering a location search tool on its site to find currently participating businesses. The website lets users specify a specific product or color to run an preemptive check against the store's inventory.

TheCoatingStore.com operates an online store that contains a visual selection method to let users specify the type of paint they're looking for. The store also sells hand-painted color samples of its paints to help users understand the final image.

AutoColorLibrary.com specializes in matching the existing color of a car's exterior, though it also allows users to create custom colors.

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