What Is a Custom Bagger?


A custom bagger is a touring motorcycle, or bagger, that is substantially different from standard, mass-produced motorcycles. A custom bagger might be one-of-a-kind or built as part of a limited run.

Custom baggers are often seen in mainstream motorcycle magazines, such as V-Twin, Easyriders and Hot Bike. Factory custom baggers are produced in larger quantities by companies, such as American IronHorse, Bouget and Big Dog. Although some mass-produced motorcycles feature model names that include the word custom, these are not considered custom motorcycles per se.

Touring motorcycles are motorcycles specifically designed for the needs of long-distance touring. Baggers may feature very large fairings, ample built-in luggage space and windshields that are highly weather-resistant. Compared to sport bikes, baggers enable more relaxed, upright seating positions. They also tend to have larger fuel tanks to minimize fill-ups while touring.

Full-dress tourers are strictly designed for riding on pavement. Often customized, these bikes may feature equipment not found in all motorcycles, including full-fledged stereo systems, heated seats, heated hand-grips and GPS navigation systems.

Adventure touring motorcycles feature higher ground clearance, which enables off-road travel. This type of bagger also puts out heavy torque to aid high-speed highway maneuvering. All types of baggers are commonly customized with a huge variety of aftermarket motorcycle parts available for purchase.