What Are Custom Auto Paint Colors?


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A wide variety of automobile paint colors are available in an after-market, custom setting. The limitation of custom auto paint colors is only in the mind and budget of the consumer. Nearly any color of the rainbow can be achieved at the hands of a skilled custom auto painter.

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More so than color, some custom auto-paint effects require skilled painting techniques to apply. These include metal flakes, ghost pearls, ice-effect-style ghost pearls, candy pigments, chameleon pigments, thermochromic paints, glow-in-the-dark paints and fluorescent paints.

Metal flakes are an additive that creates a glittering metallic effect on a clear-coated paint job. Ghost pearls, whether regular or with an added ice effect, create a shiny semi-gloss effect resembling a pearl; the ice effect adds a degree of sparkle to the pearlescent quality. Candy pigments have a little more shine than ghost pearl paints. Candy pigments are so named because their look is similar to that of hard-shelled candies. Chameleon pigments are used to create a multi-hued effect; under different lights a chameleon pigment may look purple, green or some glossy mixture of the two. Thermochromic paints take this quality a step further, possessing a color-changing quality based on the temperature of the paint coat. Finally, glow-in-the-dark and fluorescent paints are dull in normal light, and shine when the lights go down.

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