How Does Cruise Control Work on Honda Vehicles?

To work cruise control on a Honda, press the cruise button located on the steering wheel. A dashboard indicator reading "Cruise Main" will deploy. Set the desired speed by accelerating or decelerating until the speed is reached, and then press the Decel/Set button on the wheel. The "Cruise Control" dashboard indicator will come on, indicating it is in use. To adjust speeds, press the Res/Accel or Decel/Set buttons until the correct speed is reached. Press Cancel or Cruise to deactivate.

Pressing the brake or the clutch also deactivates cruise control. Once turned off, the indicator will disappear from the dashboard.

Cruise control allows a driver to maintain a set speed without keeping a foot on the gas pedal. It is best used on highways and open roads that require few speed changes. Cruise control cannot be set to speeds under 25 mph. It will automatically turn off once the vehicle reaches 22 mph.

Many Honda models have the option of Adaptive Cruise Control. This not only allows the driver to set their desired speed, but it also controls tailgating by keeping the vehicle a timed distance from the vehicle ahead. This allows cruise control to be effective even in light traffic. However, Adaptive Cruise Control does not detect objects on the road and should be turned off in heavy traffic, on curvy roads or during inclement weather.