How Do You Find Cross Referenced Information on Fasco Motor Parts?


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Find cross referenced information for Fasco motor parts by using the motor cross reference tool available on the company's official website. Cross reference a Fasco motor by typing the motor model number into the search field and clicking on the search button. The tool then returns a list of compatible motors from Fasco's primary competitors.

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You can also use the Fasco motor cross reference tool to find Fasco motors compatible with motors from major competitors. Do this by selecting the Competitive Stock Model option under the search field and entering the model number for your motor. The search tool then returns a list of Fasco motors compatible with the competing product. If the tool does not return any results, Fasco does not produce a compatible motor.

Fasco also recommends using the MotorAID smartphone app, available for Apple iOS and Android devices. Enter the model number and manufacturer of your motor, and the app returns a list of compatible motors from all major manufacturers, including Fasco. If you allow the app access to your location information and GPS data, it can also give you a list of motor distributors in your area, along with their contact information.

When using a motor cross reference, remember that manufacturing variables sometimes exist between different manufacturers and across different product generations. Therefore, while Fasco and other cross reference producers attempt to ensure all compatibility information is up do date, certain motors may not be totally compatible even if the cross reference says they are.

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