Where Do I Find the Cross Reference Number for a Specific Oil Filter?


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While most auto parts stores have printed filter catalogs containing cross-references, searching the Internet using the term “oil filter cross-reference” will provide the quickest, broadest range of options. A very user-friendly site for cross-referencing oil filters for nearly any engine is oilfilter-crossreference.com. This is a single-screen access site with a large database of oil filter brands, and it allows direct ordering.

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Where Do I Find the Cross Reference Number for a Specific Oil Filter?
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The websites of individual auto parts stores also offer filter cross-references, but they require work to drill through several screens, and they typically list only the filter brands carried through their chains. The brand sites of oil filter makers allow cross-referencing but often return only that brand’s cross-index.

Cross-referenced filters should not vary in physical dimensions from original equipment manufacturer filters since they must attach at the same location on the engine’s oil pump. Filters do, however, differ in quality, and there are five components to consider: (1) element; (filter media) composition; (2) element density; (3) the presence/absence of a bypass valve; (4) the presence/absence of a relief valve; and (5) the base gasket's composition. The first four of these components affect filtration ability and oil flow rate. According to Synlube.com, however, the material comprising the base gasket is the greatest determinant of filter life. Constant heating and cooling can dry a gasket out over time and cause it to lose elasticity, thereby compromising its ability to prevent leakage.

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