How Do You Cross Reference and Interchange Ball Bearings?

How Do You Cross Reference and Interchange Ball Bearings?

In order to cross referenceball bearings foundinside the wheel hub of a vehicle, the component must be removed and part number inspected so the user can correctly reference it on a chart. The chart will enable the user to request the exact bearing so thatit can be promptly replaced on the vehicle.

A bearing chart lists all the available bearings from a company so thataperson cancross reference the part number found on the bearing. Once found, the correct part can be ordered from the bearing specialist to ensure a exact fitment. The following instructions explain how to properly remove a bearing from a vehicle.

  1. Raise and secure the chassis
  2. Use a jack and raise the car up. Place jack-stands underneath the proper jack-points to secure the car.

  3. Remove the wheels
  4. Loosen and remove the wheels with the damaged bearings.

  5. Remove the brake caliper assembly
  6. Loosen the calipers and remove them along with the brake pads and rotor.

  7. Remove the dust cap
  8. Remove the hardware that mounts that dust cover to the hub.

  9. Wedge out the outer bearing
  10. Use pliers to wedge the outer bearing loose. Once off, proceed to press out the rest of the bearing.

  11. Inspect the bearing
  12. With the bearing removed, thoroughly inspect it. Look at the part numbers and reference them according to the chart. Once found, order the bearings with that part number.

  13. Install the new bearings
  14. The bearings may require a press to properly seat inside the hole. Once they are replaced, proceed to reinstall the dust cover, calipers, pads, rotor and wheel back on the vehicle.