How Do You Cross Reference Different Automotive Belts Online?


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Use cross reference charts found online to determine the exact size of belts and find matching belts across multiple vendors. Charts for conventional automotive belts and serpentine belts are available from V-Belt Global Supply at AutoBeltsOnline.com, and CrossBelts.com carries cross reference charts for multiple types of V-belts online.

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The charts available from V-Belt Global Supply help users find replacement and aftermarket belts for vehicles by providing lists of common manufacturer's product numbers and matching selections across multiple vendors. This ensures shoppers get the right fit for their belts without comparing items in person, as the belts listed side by side on the chart have matching specifications. V-Belt Global Supply provides charts for conventional automotive belts, or V-belts, and serpentine belts, which wind through engines to connect and deliver mechanical energy to a wide variety of parts.

Using the charts available at CrossBelts.com, users who do not have parts numbers handy can still cross-reference various belts. The charts make it easy for users to look up a belt and learn more about its exact size specifications, allowing them to compare specs instead of relying on specific manufacturer parts numbers. The page offers cross reference information on many different V-belt types, including conventional V-belts.

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