How Do You Cross-Reference the Compatibility of Donaldson Filters?


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You can cross-reference the compatibility of Donaldson filters with other products by going to the Donaldson Cross Reference Search page and inputting a Donaldson item number or a competitive item number. If you search using a competitive item number, leave out special characters, such as dashes, periods, commas or slashes, advises Donaldson.

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If you still have trouble searching a competitive item number, add a percentage sign or an asterisk after the number. Known as a wild card search, this might bring back a better result. The default search tool allows the inputting of three item numbers, but there is a button to add more rows for comparing additional products.

There is also a link at the top of the Donaldson page for a product search. On the product search page, you can enter a Donaldson part, a cross-reference part, or an application make or model. It is also possible to search for multiple parts by separating these with commas.

The company's product search page has links to a user guide and to the entire Donaldson catalog. The catalog is useful for identifying part numbers if you only know the names of the parts. After you learn the catalog part numbers, you can perform a cross-reference search.

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