Who Created the First Flying Motorcycle?


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The first flying motorcycle was created by amateur inventor Chris Malloy. In 2011, Malloy built his first prototype of the flying motorcycle in his garage in suburban Sydney, Australia.

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In 2014, Malloy began a campaign to raise money for his flying motorcycle and was able to raise over $100,000. Malloy used the money to start a company called Malloy Aeronautics, based in England’s Berkshire County, to continue his work on the flying motorcycle. Malloy has named his flying motorcycle invention the Hoverbike.

In 2015, the Pentagon announced that a Department of Defense contractor would be teaming up with Malloy Aeronautics to evaluate the possible use of Malloy's invention for the military. Experts believe that the Hoverbike can be used to transport troops over rough terrain, move supplies and act as a surveillance tool.

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