How Do You Create Custom Headlights?


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To create custom headlights, place headlight splitters in colors that match the vehicle's color on the headlights. Research vehicle regulations in your local area before installing the splitters as they may alter the quantity of light that the headlights emit.

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Begin creating custom headlights by matching the color of the splitter with that of the car. To do this, look for the vehicle's color code on the vehicle sticker located within the door jam on the driver's side. Provide the color code when placing an order for a pair of plastic headlight splitters.

To install the splitter, first determine the height of the headlight using a measuring tape, and mark the headlight's middle line. Then clean the headlight's cover with an alcohol-based rubbing pad. Wipe the headlight clean to take out grime accumulated on the cover, which improves bonding between the splitter's adhesive and the surface.

Remove the protective backing from the splitter's reverse side, and position the splitter over the middle line marked earlier. If desired, place the splitter above or below the marked line, ensuring that the splitters on both headlights are at the same height.

Finally, apply firm pressure on the splitter to secure it in place. Repeat the installation process on the other headlight.

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