What Are Some Crate Engines Sold by Edlebrock?


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Small-block Chevy crate engines feature 4-bolt mains and are categorized into E-Street Series, Performer Series and RPM Series. E-Street Series provide quality performance at reasonable prices, Performer Series range from 310 hp to 380 hp, and RPM Series are rated from 410 hp to 500 plus hp. These engines feature aluminum heads, swirl-polished valves made of stainless steel, dual-quad or RPM air-gap manifolds, dyno-matched hydraulic roller camshafts, and performer or thunder AVS carburetors.

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LS Chevy engines range from 720 hp and produce 695-feet per pound impact energy. The engines also feature a 91-octane pump gas, a 4.0-inch stroke, a 416 c.i.d to ensure low-end torque, a 9.5.1 compression ratio for safe supercharged performance, and 4.065-inch bore pushes.

Big-block Chevy engines feature exhaust port exits that allow use of off-the-shelf headers. The engines also feature a 91-octane pump gas and are classified into 676 hp, 697 hp and 723 hp. Big-block Chevy engines have thunder AVS carburetors, Victor Junior manifolds, aluminum heads, stainless steel valves and a Pro-Flo 2 system.

Small-block Ford engines feature a 347 short block and come in 438 hp, 449 hp and 503 hp categories. They also feature aluminum heads and swirl-polished valves, a Pro-Flo XT EFI system, thunder AVS carburetors, sump oil pans and dyno-matched hydraulic roller camshafts.

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