What Is CrankyApe?

CrankyApe is an online auction website that offers bank repossessed, insurance repairable vehicles and consignments. This Minnesota-based business was started in 2001 by two high school friends, Brian Livingston and Jay Adams. With further plans to expand, CrankyApe has six locations in the United States, as of 2015.

CrankyApe.com offers different types of vehicles, including all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, recreational vehicles, motorcycles and sport utility vehicles. The auctions also include items such as trailers, vans, watercraft, cars and lawn and garden vehicles. The website provides an electronic bidding system for members who are interested in purchasing items on the inventory. CrankyApe.com allows only registered members to place bids.

The website recommends its users to thoroughly read product descriptions and view related photos before submitting bids. CrankyApe.com encourages buyers to inspect vehicles in-person by visiting one of its facility centers. The website’s widespread advertising network helps sellers receive significant exposure worldwide. Members of the website can also negotiate pricing to strike the best possible deal.

CrankyApe.com does not ship purchased units. All shipping resources are handled by third-party vendors that have no affiliation with the website. Partnered with a number of financial institutions and insurance companies in the United States, CrankyApe is a well-established, leading brand in the industry.