What Is Covered by a Ford Factory Warranty?


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The Ford factory warranty, also sometimes referred to as the basic warranty, covers any repairs necessary to fix defects in the vehicle caused by faulty workmanship or parts. The factory warranty lasts for three years or until the vehicle has reached a mileage of 36,000 miles, states Auto Protection.

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The factory warranty coverage of a Ford vehicle starts on either the day the vehicle arrives at its first purchaser, or the first day it is put into use, reports Car Care People. If a Ford vehicle needs a repair due to a manufacturer's error, the cost of the required parts and labor is covered by the factory warranty. Most components of the vehicle are covered by the factory warranty, but the vehicle owner needs to refer to the Ford owner's manual to find out the conditions of the specific warranty.

Ford owners can find information on their vehicles and their warranties on the company website. An owner needs to know the year and model of the vehicle, or supply the VIN number, to access PDF versions of the owner's manual, warranty and other pertinent information related to the vehicle, notes Ford. If the individual purchased a pre-owned vehicle, it may still be covered by the factory warranty, depending on its mileage and age.

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