What Does Count's Kustoms in Las Vegas Sell?


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Count's Kustoms in Las Vegas, Nevada, sells motorcycle and car detailing and repair products, such as paints, detailing kits and frames, along with refurbished vehicles and motorcycles and merchandise. Shoppers at Count's Kustoms can find restored classic and vintage cars and motorcycles for sale along with hot rods and custom bikes. In addition to these items, Count's Kustoms sells fan gear such as stickers, hats and T-shirts.

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Count's Kustoms is an authorized hot rod dealer and specializes in customizing bikes for clients. This facility is located in the center of Las Vegas and focuses primarily on making personalized products for consumers. Its services range from new coats of paints to interior upholstery repairs and detailing.

As of 2015, this motorcycle and car repair shop is owned by Danny Koker, whose nickname is "The Count." Koker specializes in automotive and motorcycle repairs and is also a musician. When not making repairs, he appears on The History Channel show "Pawn Stars," and the shop has also made appearances on VH-1 and MTV. This fame accounts for its sales of fan accessories, which are available for purchase in the store and online. The selection of apparel includes street gear such as long-sleeve and short-sleeve T-shirts alongside hats and motorcycle riding gear. The shop is open in Las Vegas 7 days a week, but closes over Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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