How Costly Is It to Repair Dash Panel Lights?


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The cost of repairing dash panel lights ranges between $20 and $100, according to The Family Handyman. Instrument cluster bulbs cost about $5 each as of 2015; there are typically four bulbs, and you may need to purchase extra tools to complete the repair.

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Locate an exploded diagram for your vehicle online to determine which panels you need to remove and the order in which you need to remove them to gain access to the instrument cluster panel. Disconnect the cable connected to the negative terminal on the battery. If you need to remove the radio to gain access to the bottom trim panel, do so using a set of radio removal tools. Remove the bottom trim panel.

Remove the retaining screws from the top panel and remove the panel. If the panel is difficult to remove, check to make sure you did not miss a retaining screw. Use a non-marring tool to pry off one corner of the instrument cluster panel. Insert a nylon pry tool underneath the panel and use it to dislodge the spring clip fasteners to pull out the panel.

Release the lock-and-release tabs from each electrical connector on the panel. Remove the plastic window covering the panel and remove each connector. Pull the panel from the car completely. Cover your fingers with a clean rag and remove each instrument cluster bulb carefully. Replace them with the new bulbs and follow the removal process in reverse to reinstall everything.

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