Are Costco Auto Batteries As Good As Delco Batteries?

costco-auto-batteries-good-delco-batteries Credit: PM Images/Taxi/Getty Images

As of April 2015, Costco and Delco auto batteries are considered two of the best car batteries in terms of performance and pricing. Both batteries are also maintenance free. However, Costco batteries do not come with free installation, and consumers must have paid membership to buy from Costco.

Considered a leading name among car batteries, Delco batteries clear rigorous tests of quality, feature corrosion-free terminals and have large reservoirs that ensure charges hold for years. There are different battery types suitable for different vehicles, and they come with free replacement warranties that range from 12 to 42 months. Boasting a standard design, Delco batteries are consistent in performance and highly affordable. These batteries can also run in snow and water and are frequently used by auto manufacturers.

As with Delco batteries, Costco batteries are high on performance, long-lasting and come at half the price of premium auto batteries. They can start in freezing temperatures, endure high temperatures and have excellent reserve capacities. Each of these batteries comes with a full replacement warranty for three years. On the other hand, Costco batteries must be installed by the consumer. In addition, if the consumer is not a member of Costco, the batteries cost more.