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Corvette World Dallas is an automobile dealership that sells preowned Chevrolet Corvettes and repairs and services preowned and new Corvettes. The dealership also prepares financing packages and appraises vehicles for trade in, as of 2015.

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Corvette World Dallas offers Chevrolet Corvettes from several different models years and in different colors. The dealership offers both hardtop and convertible Corvettes, available with both manual and automatic transmissions. Corvette World Dallas also offers Corvettes in various price ranges and in various conditions. It sells preowned Corvettes with various mileage levels and with 6.2-liter and 7-liter V8 engines, both with and without superchargers. The dealership also stocks Corvette racing vehicles that have been acquired through trade-ins.

Corvette World Dallas provides repairs and detailing services for Corvettes through appointments set by telephone or through a form submitted on the company's website. The dealership offers consumers the options to drop off vehicles before the service area opens, to wait for service completion or to pick up serviced vehicles at a later time. Corvette World Dallas offers financing on-site as well as well as through an approval tool on the company's website. The dealership also appraises and accepts trade-ins for vehicles by automakers such as Chevrolet, Hyundai, Ford, Chrysler and Dodge. Corvette World Dallas offers appraisals on-site, or through a tool on the company's website.

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