How Do You Find the Correct Tire Pressure?

How Do You Find the Correct Tire Pressure?

For most vehicles, the recommended tire pressure is located on a placard in the driver's side door jamb. If this placard is missing, you can find the proper inflation in the vehicle owner's manual.

  1. Locate placard in driver's side door jamb

    Open the driver's side door and look for a small metal placard or sticker in the door frame near the driver's seat. It typically reads "Tire and Loading Information."

  2. Determine recommended tire inflation

    Find the pressure listed in PSI (pounds per square inch) recommended for both your front and rear tires.

  3. Consult the owner's manual

    The proper tire inflation for your vehicle can also be found in the Specifications section of the owner's manual, or on the inside of the back cover.