How Are Convertible Tops Installed?


Prior to installing the new convertible top, mark the top of the rear tack strip hitting the convertible and the positions of the bolt holes on the new top in accordance with the old. Place the new top over the frame, positioning it properly.

Slide the metal strips into appropriate listings. Slide a long wire into the side pocket of the top, and hook the wire end to the side cable, pulling it from the pocket. Repeat on both sides.

Raise the top frame, and join the side cables. Ensure the cables are tight. Raising the top frame, latch the front portion. Slide the top appropriately to fit the quarter flaps in the correct position. The seam holding the quarter flaps should be in line with the convertible top edge frame.

Staple the rear flaps of the convertible top to the rear tack strip. With some staples in place, stretch the quarter of the top around the bend in the tack strip and staple at the other end. Pull down the top and staple it to the tack strip. Repeat for both sides, and then bolt in the rear tack strip.

Pull the front of the top around the front bow, fold under and staple it. Make the adjustments if any wrinkles are present. Once the top is wrinkle free, complete all the front stapling and add the front roll. Apply contact cement to the flaps and leave to dry. Install the weather strips and the bolts inside the car.