How Do You Contact McHugh Dodge Jeep?


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Customers and potential customers can contact McHugh Dodge Jeep can either contact the company in person or call a couple of different phone numbers assigned to the company. There is also an online contact form in order to ask a question or make a comment.

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The McHugh Dodge Jeep company has posted its address online and is listed in the phone book in order for people to go straight to the sales department if a customer wants to meet with someone face to face. When it comes to contacting the firm by phone, there are three different lines and phone numbers. The numbers are directly linked to either the sales, service and parts department. By having these numbers, customers don't have to go through switchboards that have nothing to do with what the customer is contacting the company for.

The online contact form allows a user to their first and last name, as well as phone number and email address. They can also enter whether or not they want to be contacted either by phone or email. Once they have entered the contact information for a user, they can put in whatever comments they want in order to make it clear why they are contacting the company. This also makes it easier for the company to respond to inquiries in the most efficient manner possible.

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