What Are Some Console Boats for Sale at Anglers Center?

Anglers Center, located in Newport Beach, California, does not sell console boats. The company primarily sells equipment and gear for saltwater fishing, such as lures, reels, rods and other accessories.

Some boating accessories Anglers Center sells include steering wheels, boat mats, marine electronic gear, tackle mounting gear and onboard recording equipment. Other accessories include maintenance supplies, cleaning supplies and safety equipment.

Anglers Center also sells lures, reels and rods. Some lures offered by the saltwater fishing retailer include bird- and teaser-style bait, lure skirts and bags, and daisy chains. Reels offered by Anglers Center include spinning reels, teaser reels, baitcasting reels, electric reels and conventional reels. Rods offered by the retailer include conventional rods, spinning rods, deep drop rods, teaser rods and kite rods. This retailer also sells combinations of reels and rods.

Anglers Center offers gamefishing accessories for saltwater fishing enthusiasts, including fish and drag scales, kite fishing gear, tackle storage, catch-and-release devices and downriggers. Other useful items for gamefishing include fishing lights, tools, and line and leader accessories.

Anglers Center was founded in 1958 in Southern California. The company has a 4,000-square-foot showroom that showcases all of its fishing-related inventory. The company claims not to sell anything that hasn't been used by its staff.