What Is Considered a Small Class Motorhome?

What Is Considered a Small Class Motorhome?

A small class motorhome is categorized as Class B; it is usually built using a cargo or camper van and has a raised roof that is much larger than a typical van. The advantage of a smaller motorhome is that it gets better gas mileage, and it is small enough to park in a regular size parking space and the average garage.

There are three classes of motorhomes: Class A, Class B and Class C. Class B is considered to be in the smaller class

Class A is the largest, built more like a full home, but movable from one location to another. It can accommodate a full family.

Class C motorhomes are usually built using a large van or from a truck framework built specifically for motorhome use with an attached cab. They offer many luxury home amenities like the Class A, but they are less expensive. They are considered the middle option between Class A and Class B.

Class B, the category for the smallest motorhomes, has fewer amenities. The kitchen, living room and bathrooms are very small. Options for a good sound systems, television and entertainment are also limited due to less power available from the engine.

Even with these limitations, many people prefer the versatility of Class B as it can be driven in towns and parked anywhere a car can park.